Our web application development team employs some of the latest technologies to create web components for handhelds, mobile phones and other devices plus turning them into valuable business tools. Some of the custom web application development services include:

  • Field services
  • Database driven interactive sites.
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Help desk management systems.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Accounting solutions.
  • Product configurators
  • Knowledge management applications.

Mobile Applications

Modern, user-friendly UI

Developing superior applications for mobile devices requires a deep understanding of human interface guidelines, performance constraints, and business workflow. At every step in the process, we'll bring these skills to bear in order to help ensure a mobile application is as useful -- if not more so -- as its desktop counterpart.

Our mobile application development
solutions involve:

  • Develop mobile/tablet apps and deploy over the cloud.
  • Social media integration for your mobile applications.
  • Mobile payment integration.
  • Develop and deploy location-aware applications.
  • Develop and deploy for mobile augmentation.
  • Application porting (Platform Migration).
  • Mobile catalogue and m-Commerce - Mobile payment solution.

Cloud & client-server applications

Whether your application requires classic client-server architecture or can take advantage of the new cloud based solutions our interest is to significantly improve business processes, agility and lower the cost of the development, maintenance and infrastructure.

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in development and deployment of IT services where users can access computing resources on demand, as needed, regardless of whether the resources are physical or virtual, dedicated or shared.

Cloud computing can empower the business to innovate in new and profound ways:

  • Explore innovative ideas by quickly building and “live beta testing” solutions with little risk, IT involvement and cost.
  • Gain deeper insight from complex analytics on extremely large datasets in an accelerated timeframe.
  • Extend collaboration and information access to customers, partners and employees anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Bring new innovative products and services to market.

Desktop Based Applications

With the desktop applications we engineer we persevere to rapidly transform your dynamic ideas and concepts into new products and applications while improving application performance, reducing your business operation’s complexity, and accelerating your business productivity. In addition to customizing cost-effective solutions for your company, we have the skills and experience to take on complex technology development projects, offering an alternative to costly internal technology development efforts.